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We traveled to Ireland in the years shown above. click on any link to read the day by day description of our travels and view the images.

All images are the property of Karott.com, please respect our effort in making them available.

I take a good many pictures when I travel to Ireland. See our Irish Photo Tips for photographing in Ireland. I've used point and shoot, to larger fixed lens cameras to DSLRs. My mileage varies as will yours. The trade off is portability vs. image quality. The point and shoot fits in your pocket or small bag, but you won't get the nice interior shots in low light that you can with a DSLR. Of course you could be a tourist and use the flash, blinding everyone in the pub and disturbing the poor musician causing him to drop the family fiddle onto the flagstone floor. OK, you don't want to be that guy (or gal). Learn how to use your camera, turn off the flash and bump up the ISO setting.

Here are a few cameras that I either have or want to have when traveling. Read the reviews, think about what kind of pictures you like to take and get what works for you!

Highly rated weather proof and waterproof camera. Perfect for those soft Irish days or a tropical beach excursion.

Very nice performance inside our outside. Will take great pictures in the pubs.

Canon makes some great gear. This one is a solid performer across the board. The next best thing to a DSLR.

The best option to get your feet wet in the DSLR world.

The top end of the Nikon line without paying an arm and a leg The next step up is into the Pro line.


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