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Barbeque Recipes, Tips and Products
Did you know you can Smoke Indoors?

Here is a whole web site of tips, recipes and links to help you do some real slow barbeque cooking using smoke. Not that there is anything wrong with grilling (except perhaps that it is over so fast your beer is still cold and you have those coals still going strong). Barbequing lets you open a beer or two, chat with the neighbors, and justify some backyard loafing like no other activity will. Also, nothing draws neighbors like the smell of smoke and meat! 
I use this chair to assist in the total relaxation experience, note the convenient tray with beverage holder! The pit modifications are focused on the Char-Griller line. They should have application to similar styles of cookers. The general theory will make you think about how your pit works.
Recipes will be focused on what works for me, hopefully for you too.
Below are also some recommended books, pits and accessories. So open your favorite brew, throw some meat on the que, put your feet up and get busy relaxing.

Peat smoking experiment
 Obviously I am into BBQ and also into many things Irish including food. I've been wondering about either using peat as fuel or adding peat smoke as a flavor. I've seen many sites selling it, but no one is speaking up as to how it tastes. I have some peat from Ireland, and I'll pick up some different products and review them on this page.

Cooking with Guinness
  A little Guinness makes everything better. If you're "afraid of the dark" you can substitute a lighter brew, but some of these recipes just won't be the same without a drop of the black stuff. Everything from meat to desserts and did you know Guinness is about the lowest calorie beer out there!

Make sure you pay a visit to our sausage making page. There isn't any better eating than homemade sausage on the grill. Your smoker can take those homemade sausages to the next level.

Top O' The Heap - Best Barbeque Products

Books Books Pits Starters Accessories

Recipes from all over the world and all over the map in style and content. Great work by a barbeque master, and fun to read as well!

Just some good barbeque reading. Perfect for sitting near the smoker with a cold one and imagining being on a barbeque tour of Texas.

This is what I'm using almost exclusively for most barbeque. It works equally well for grilling and smoking. It uses very little charcoal and is very compact and versitile.

The most durable solution for quick starting the coals. I use two to get things going. These won't rust and the convenient handle protects well.

A excellent thermometer with two probes for different kinds of meat, one in the meat and one in the pit, or either end of the pit. Remote shows both temperatures. You can also reset the preset temperatures for all meats!

Barbeque Recipes, Tips and Products
Did you know you can Smoke Indoors?

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