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Barbeque with Peat

Cooking food over a peat fire isn't new. Obviously it's been done for years. Deliberately choosing to use peat as a fuel or a smoke additive seems questionable. I've seen many sites on the Web that sell peat, but no one is specifically saying how it tastes. While I love the smell of peat smoke, I'm skeptical about how it would taste attached to meat. Call me skepticow.
So here goes, I'll sacrifice some time, meat and peat product in order to be able to satisfy my curiosity and hopefully yours as well.
Peat Products
Irish Turf or Peat Chips for Smoking 3lb sack of Peat BBQ Chips - Approximately 30 peat chips good for 30 smokes or closed barbequing , a must for that rich peaty aroma and flavor. All the BBQ chips are meant to be used with natural charcoal.
Large Irish Turf or Peat Sods Irish Turf/Peat Approx 29-32 sods per case - Not to be mistaken for briquettes, these sods come from the bogs of Co. Donegal, a must for special occasions and holidays approx 29-32 sods per case , 19 x 19 x 15 inch case

Irish Smoke - sells Irish and peat products for cooking. Has a good history of peat page.

Sneaky Pete's - a variety of peat related products for sale.

eIrish.com - has small 1lb containers of peat chips.


I plan on trying a variety of meat. The obvious choices are chicken (whole and skinless breasts), pork (shoulder, ribs and chops), beef (ribs, steak and maybe a brisket). I'll start with chicken as it is less expensive and requires less peat. If it works, I'll move on. If it doesn't, I'll try some beef. This feels intuitively like the best meat to go with peat. If my brother or other friends are lucky during the hunting season, I might give venison or elk a try as well.

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Barbeque Recipes, Tips and Products
Did you know you can Smoke Indoors?

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