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Barbeque Recipes, Tips and Products
Did you know you can Smoke Indoors?

Recommended Products

Here are some products I've had good luck with, lusted after or heard good things about. Your mileage may vary.

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Recommended Accessories

An excellent way to monitor your meat temperature without opening the lid. A durable, easy to clean instrument. The remote has a good range so you are not tied to the pit unless that's where the cooler is! These are perfect for shredding your pulled pork while hot. Good source of volume wood chips in a variety of flavors and sizes. This is the best way to cook a whole chicken. The meat stays moist and you can cook veggies at the same time.
The most durable solution for quick starting the coals. I use two to get things going. These won't rust and the convenient handle protects well. This is indispensable when cutting up meat, especially poultry. These are heavy and solid and cut through anything. Just watch your fingers! When you can't get outside, you can still indulge your taste for smoke indoors. Wood chips for your stovetop smoker. These are almost dust to maximize their smoke efficiently.
The best way to slow cook a turkey and keep all the meat moist! Very convenient for viewing the interior temperature without opening the lid. Get a pair for either end of your cooker. Here's how to use them. This is the best BBQ brush I've ever used. If you've ever tried to scrub off caked on sauce, you know non-stick is a good thing.
If you've ever stuck your hand into a bag of charcoal to get a couple out, this will make the job easier and cleaner! I have one and use it every time to keep clean. Besides it looks nice! Beer can chicken is one of the best ways to grill or barbeque chicken. Here is the easy way to do it. Here is a less expensive beer can chicken option. You have to provide your own can. A good quick solution for getting your liquid solution into the meat.

Recommended Books

This is a great book to help add some variety and spice to your rubs, marinades and sauces for all your outdoor cooking. If you have to grill (not that there is anything wrong with that), this book covers all the recipes and styles. This is the first book I tackled. Good solid recipes and advise liberally sprinkled with stories and anecdotes. Highly recommended! Recipes from all over the world and all over the map in style and content. More good work by a barbeque master!
It may sound strange and certainly is embarrassing for the chicken, but it really works. Don't limit yourself to beer, black cherry soda and Coke work well too. Ribs are what a lot of people think of first when they hear barbeque. If you can't learn something from this book, you're just not trying hard enough! Living in Oregon makes indoor grilling a necessity. This book will give you a variety of ideas and recipes when the great outdoors is just a little to rough. Great tips and recipes from a barbeque legend. Good reading and these recipes work!

Recommended Pits

This is the smoker I am using at the moment with the side firebox option. Affordable and very functional. With some modifications it is even better. This is the perfect addition to the Char-Griller Pro. Easy to add on or find a package with it included. It looks good on the pit too. Good solid vinyl cover for the Char-Griller with Firebox. Easy to clean and store. This is a nice year round option for smoking and slow cooking. I use it a lot for smoking sausage.

Barbeque Recipes, Tips and Products
Did you know you can Smoke Indoors?

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