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Rat  Ox  Tiger  Rabbit  Dragon  Snake
Horse  Ram    Monkey  Rooster  Dog  Boar


Full of charm, the Rat is the object of admiration. A true sentimentalist, family and friends remain close to their heart. The rat's intellect and foresight bring success with money and work. They are consistent seekers with new ventures and travel. Rats are compatible with the Dragon, and Monkey. Least compatible with Horses.



The keeper of tradition, the Ox maintains a classic and sophisticated style. Iron-willed, they remain true to their beliefs. The Ox is a strong leader, inspiring others with their hard work and dedication. They never stray from their destined path. Marry a Snake, or Rooster. The Ram will bring trouble.



Brave and courageous, the Tiger is ready for any challenge. Nothing can tame their adventurous and rebellious spirit. The Tiger is a supreme optimist, pursuing their goals with fierce intensity. Tigers are admired for their vibrant and playful personality. Look to the, Horse, Dragon, or Dog for happiness. Beware of the Monkey.



Luckiest of all signs, Rabbits are talented and articulate. Wise and insightful, they possess a deep understanding of others. Not one to take risks, they are cautious when making decisions. Rabbits are the protector of diplomacy, seeking compromise to all conflicts. Because their creativity and style, Rabbits are eternally surrounded by beauty. Most compatible with Ram, Dog, and Rooster.



Never cautious, the Dragon is not afraid when faced with a challenge. They will defend and protect any cause close to their heart. Dragons are confident and strong, entering all battles unassisted. They are eccentric with complex lives. They're passionate nature will bring abundant health. Dragons are known for their powerful and majestic spirit. Marry the Monkey, Rat, or Snake late in life. Avoid the Dog.



A natural philosopher, the Snake is blessed with a profound wisdom. Always on a mission, they are dedicated to their chosen quest. Snakes are seductive and mysterious, blinding many with their hypnotic charm. Also vain and high tempered, snakes have a tendency to be lured by physical beauty. They have an unforgettable elegance and style. The Boar is your enemy. However, the Ox, Rooster are friends.



A free spirit, Horses cherish their independence. It's hard to slow them down because they are always on the move and often become impatient and ostentatious. They are popular and attractive to the opposite sex. Horses are given the power of persuasion to obtain whatever they desire. They need constant stimulation to appease their wild soul. Marry a Tiger, Ram, or Dog, but never a Rat.



Gentle and docile, the Ram is sincere and kind-hearted. As a pacifist, they are never one to question authority. The Ram is rather timid, preferring anonymity over fame. Fueled by compassion, they admire all of nature's beauty. Rams strive to create a secure and tranquil environment. Your allies are Rabbits, Horses, and Boars. Your enemy is Ox.



The Monkey is very intelligent and clever. Because they are also quick-witted, the Monkey is successful at every endeavor. They possess the ability to greatly influence those around them. The monkey is naturally inquisitive, constantly seeking new opportunities and adventure. Their intellect and versatility allow them to adapt to any situation. Many are entertained by the Monkey's good humor and mischievous nature. Seek a Rat, Dragon, or Dog, but avoid the Tiger.



Self-reliant and independent, the Rooster is not one to seek counsel. They are confident and aggressive and most at home in a crowd. Roosters also tend to be selfish and eccentric. A perfectionist, Roosters leave no detail undocumented. Roosters will never abandon their dreams. Rabbits are trouble. Stick with the Snake, Ox, and Dragon.



Noble and true, the Dog will fight to mend all that is unjust. A loyal and faithful friend, they will make any sacrifice for the sake of another. Because of their loyalty and honesty, the Dog works well with others. They are generous, yet stubborn and often selfish. Dogs are hard workers and will never abandon their post. A genuine listener and confidant, the Dog is the keeper of all secrets. Look to the Tiger, Horse, and Rabbit for support. Watch out for Dragons.



Pure of heart,  Boars are generous and kind. Because they are full of inner strength and courage, Boars can take on any task. They are driven by their passion and pleasure for life. They are sincere and trustworthy, enabling them to be very good listeners, as well as friends. Although Boars are blessed with many lifelong friends, they are prone to marital strife. Avoid other Boars. They are most compatible with Rabbit, Ram, and Dog.


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